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As an open source project, relies on community contributions to add great content to the site. If you know an opening/variation that has not been added yet, you can submit it below and it will be reviewed to be added to the site. If you feel an opening needs to be corrected, you can submit an alteration request below too by selecting 'Opening Alteration' in the Contribution Type dropdown.

The codebase is also open source and welcomes contributions. Want to contribute? Make a Pull Request on the GitHub Repo.

Submission Form

Adding content has been made easy with the use of a contribution form. Simply make the moves you wish to submit on the board below and they will be automatically recorded in the correct format for you. Then complete the rest of the form and submit your contribution to be reviewed.

Submission Criteria

The following criteria must be met for an opening to be accepted:

  1. The opening must be equal in terms of advantage for both Black and White. If you know an opening where you gain an advantage when the opponent makes a mistake, submit it as a trap.

  2. The opening should be at least 7 moves deep. An ideal length is 10-14 moves. There have been a lot of submissions that are great openings but were unfortunately too short.

Submission Board - (Drag to Move Pieces)

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